Tornado Hobart Tasmania 9 November 2012

Lots of warnings from the BoM following sightings of tornadoes in Hobart, Tasmania earlier today.



For people in the
Upper Derwent Valley,
South East,
Midlands and parts of the
East Coast Forecast Districts.

Issued at 12:13 pm Friday, 9 November 2012.


Severe thunderstorms are likely to produce destructive winds, heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding, large hailstones and tornadoes in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include New Norfolk, Hobart, Richmond, Ross, Swansea and Orford.

Weak tornadoes have been observed within the Hobart area, and may occur in the warning area.

By Michael Bath

7 thought on “Tornado Hobart Tasmania 9 November 2012”
  1. Does anyone have confirmation and damage information from this tornado report. The video here us in a great position but I am finding it difficult to detect rapid rotation although I can clearly see upward motion.

  2. It's a fairly weak tornado, for sure, but I reckon there is definitely rotation (and up motion), Jimmy (did you watch the HD version full screen?). Just imagine being on the mountain there, watching the tornado below you!

  3. Looked like a funnel cloud to me in the HD version. Not sure whether one could say tornado, unless there's a damage path or debris was seen. Pretty rare and exciting for that part of the world. Just hope Tassy can put on another one for when I'm there in December…

  4. There is base rotation in the cloud, it is difficult to detect because of the camera movement but it is actually quite strong. There are a places in the video where you can see it clearly if you jog it backwards and forwards over 20 second intervals. Funnly though the base rotation appears to be anti-cyclonic. The funnel has definate strong upmotion and tight vorticies typical of a tornado. It sits on the one spot for ages so if it is touching the ground, the ground must have been really chewed up underneath, although in saying that it is over a ridge and could still be off the ground. There has to be strong damage from a tornado like this.

  5. Yep Paul Graham I forgot to check the HD version. David assures me there is rotation. One give away regardless was the bowl shaped lowering at least one stage of the video.

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