Storms NSW 23 December 2012
Storm near Penrith by Jimmy Deguara

There were a lot of interesting storms around New South Wales today. I managed to get out and shoot some amazing lightning from a cell over the Blue Mountains. I'll upload some images and video soon.

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  1. The behaviour if the storm near Colo Heights yesterday was interesting. Did anyone chase / observe it? I was able to observe the storm along the same boundary to its south once it collapsed. Some high energy bolts and also a green tinge effect.

  2. I could not chase but after 6.30 pm, I went up to my favourite lookout at Bella Vista and took some video film of a storm to the south west. I have taken these photos from that video film.

  3. This storm south west of Sydney did produce some good lightning flashes, a mix of cloud to ground and anvil crawlers. I like this one.

  4. Its not often I capture three cloud to ground strikes in the one photo. The same storm produced this. The storm weakened soon after.

  5. I think we're gunna get some high energy bolts and flash flooding in Sydney very shortly, when I check the sounding just b4, looks like cells have the potential 2 reach around 13km, LI around -4.5. Alot of activity building 2 the SW of Sydney now.

  6. This is a compilation of all the lightning I videoed this day. About halfway through it really ramps up and unleashes a barrage of anvil crawlers!

  7. Jimmy, I’ll do a video of the best anvil crawlers and slow them down. I was shooting with a new video camera at 60fps so I got lots of detail in them.

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