Nice right mover in front of the Central Coast squall line this afternoon.


See : 128km Radar Loop for Newcastle, 00:00 10/02/2012 to 09:00 10/02/2012 UTC

By Nick Moir

Photographer for Fairfax Media and specialising in severe weather and bushfires

One thought on “Storms NSW 10 feb 2012”
  1. Hi Nick,

    That was a classic scenario of a supercell developing ahead of a squall line and moving at 90 degrees relative to the line. The actual example is a mirror image of the seen on the first page of this website.

    David Croan, Paul Graham and I discussed the reasoning for this scenario occurring quite a few years ago. Another example was a tornadic supercell on Nelson Bay 18th November 2001 which moved ahead of an electrically active and strong squall line. We also were able to see one in South Dakota in 2005 and filmed a supercell being swollowed by the squall line were just about in!

    David may be able to dig up some of the references to this type of behaviour in the literature.


    Jimmy Deguara

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