Storms near Sydney 21st March 2014 3

0321jd05 0321jd10 0321jd13 0321jd15 0321jd24 0321jd35 0321jd44Storms developed this afternoon west of Sydney with the dominant mode in development being the right moving cells. I ended up chasing a cell that right moved to near Camden and then another cell SW of Camden that merged with cells venturing northeast. This merger provided reasonable time-lapse opportunities. Another cell developed near Richmond in response to the moisture boundary. I did not get a shot of this cell but hopefully Kimberly wax able to get a couple of shots from home.


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  1. Nice one mate ,was going to go for this one but my car was being used for a school bus,I had a look in the evening at the one coming from Richmond ,possible small hail 10 km se of Londonderry going by radar but colasped just before Cambridge park

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