Storms Narrabri-Moree 22 December 2012

I continued north on this day, despite the weaker shear as I needed to get to my families for chistmas. However, I was still confident with the adequate moisture levels that storms would fire up. A SE was blowing at Narrabri, and a NE at Moree, so I aimed to chase the convergence area. Earlier in the day I went up to Mt Kaputar for earlier stuff and got one of the first cells of the day, which spat out a few nice CG's but nothing spectacular. Stuff fired up later than expected which was quite frustrating, however around 4pm things started to get interesting.

I followed some weak cells north from Narrabri, and after about 1 hour near Bellata they finally got organised. A solid base begun dropping out huge staccatos, one of which started a grass fire (which I unfortunately could not get close enough to photograph)base1

This intensified rapidly into a nice line with a gust front developing.


As I got near Gundy, the storm really took off with a very green base and solid turbulent green gustfront






After a final barrage of CG's, the storm weakened rapidly. As I got to the farm, there was a lovely sunset on display


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