This was more of a driving test for Kimberly and an attempt for snow. I only briefly looked at the models and then looked outside and it was clear the major cold air had not moved through. It snow as we got there and then followed by another brief heavy snow shower. Later as chaser convergence occurred on Shooters Hill, the main cold air approached. The snow fell quite heavily for at least 10 minutes and then eased off a little. I chose to go to another location more for imagery than anything else and to get out of the wind.

In the forest, and the precipitation came down initially as ice pellets but then the snow came down heavily. It was clear that a cumulonimbus was aloft as the snow rapidly accumulated on the ground to a complete cover. It was so surreal and provided for some nice pictures. It was also the end of the day and time to head home. An enjoyable day overall and nice to meet up with other chasers as well:)

What astounded me and was relatively rare was how widespread the snow was as it fell all the way through to edith and some of the lower surrounding regions.