Severe Storms SE Qld and NE NSW 23rd November 2012

Isolated storms have fired up on the Northern Tablelands today and SE Queensland. Warnings are in effect in the affected region. The models show that the shear can have an impact on the storms by hindering the longevity of the storms - the precipitation falling ahead of the updrafts. The cooler air may hinder sustained development of the storms.

Storms are moving north today as they did yesterday though nowhere near as severe.

7 thought on “Severe Storms SE Qld and NE NSW 23rd November 2012”
  1. Seems to be very similar to an event which occurred 13 years ago..almost to the day 22/11/99 >> , which is also referred to as a tornado in the report. The 3rd and 4th pics (below) do show a funnel which goes somewhere up towards the base, and seems to be some dust getting blown by outflow, which would explain the rope tornado getting pushed put to the right and it’s demise in the last pic.

    Could be a gustnado but, without video, leaning towards a F (-)1 of F (-)2 tornado :)

  2. Haha David good one. My opinion is land spouts require steep lapse rates and / or a boundary to work with. It would be interesting that the gust front has moved forth so what boundary still exists to support a landspout. Why not say possible rather than try pushing the tornado message through – particularly through the media.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but there are three tornado types (if you count water and land spouts as the same) 1. Meso-Cylconic 2. Landspout/Waterspout 3. Gustnado. That would make this a gustnado and not a landspout tornado which as Jimmy has suggested forms in different dynamics. I just want to clarify as I have read others calling it a landspout tornado.

    Btw, nice translucent funnel in the bottom two images.

  4. I am 99.9% positive that this is a gustnado looking at this series of pictures. It is certainly very similar to the event that I photographed in 1999 which Dave has mentioned. I have seen gustnados in Kansas whilst chasing with Jimmy in 2002 and these photos certainly scream gustnado to me.

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