See : 128km Radar Loop for Brisbane, 02:00 22/11/2012 to 07:00 22/11/2012 UTC

As I type, major warnings are occurring in the SE Qld region with a destructive hail warning as well! Severe storms are widespread throughout the region of SE Queensland, NE NSW and the adjacent tablelands.

7 thought on “Severe Storms SE Qld and NE NSW 22nd November 2012”
  1. 16:37 QLD (SE Region) Severe T’storm (destruct,hail) : Hampton by 5:05 pm

    followed by an updated one for infamous Murphy’s Creek

    17:03 QLD (SE Region) Severe T’storm (destruct,hail) : Murphy’s Creek by 5:35 pm

  2. Thanks for posting those hailstone pictures Michael Bath – more hailstorms reported in SE Queensland. It has been some years where there has been an active season in SE Qld! Good to see normality once again.

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