Nice looking funnel cloud. Almost looks like a second funnel on the left of the first photo

I guess it may not have impacted the ground.

Interesting comments by the meteorologist in relation to the weather as it seems quite cool and only marginally unstable. He's probably been misquoted as it sounds like there's 'relatively warmer air' in the mid-upper atmosphere:

Weatherzone meteorologist Alex Zadnik wasn’t surprised to hear about Ballarat’s tornado, saying yesterday’s weather conditions were conducive to a lower-level twister. He said high moisture levels and cool air clashing with relatively warmer air in the mid to upper areas of the atmosphere had created an uplift, which then caused cloud and thunderstorm development.

Brad, what did the temps get to - was it only about 14? Is it definitely the 20th as the article is dated 20th and says 'yesterday afternoon' ?

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