Hi Jimmy,

Thanks for your comments. Unfortunately I have never inspected damage from a confirmed tornado therefore it is difficult for me know what to expect. The things that may hint towards a tornado is that several large trees or branches appear to have been brought down in different directions (maybe up to 90 degrees difference). Also, the nature of the damage is very random. As can be seen in the first image, one section of forest was totally destroyed (every tree snapped) then nearby trees showed little to no damage. This may be simply due to the topography. Honestly though, I know so little about what to expect that I can't make any definitive statements.

The radar image below I find interesting-

The southern storm is well and truely in the process of merging with the northern storm. If you look closely though, there may well be a hook on the southern cell. Seems to really be embedded in rain if that's the case. Unfortunately the resolution of the radar is quite poor and radar images were only recorded every 10 minutes. When it comes to tornadic events, 10 minutes is a long time! I am still leaning more towards this being non-tornadic damage, still worth considering though.


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