Agree with Jimmy on both counts. Excellent work there Paul. Do you have access to higher resolution than available on the standard google maps?

I favouring that it was tornado as well. It seems the most reasonable explaination. I should add that photo no. 4 in my first post was taken facing west. This location was also on the southern edge of the damage path. One tree has lost bark on its eastward facing side. Presumably this occurred from a tree falling onto it. Also, I think how the tree trunks snapped may give some indication of wind direction. This may be an important bit of information to some one with greater knowledge on wind/tornado damage.

Lastly, I did hear that a waterspout was seen off Kiama that day as well. Not sure how accurate/this report was since I did not hear this directly off someone how saw it. May well be a case of chinese whispers. However, given the nature of the storm in question it may well be accurate.


Here is the photo mentioned before. This was taken on the southern edge of the damage path facing roughly west-

I have maked out several features which suggest damage NOT caused by a strong west or south-westerly winds. This, together with the damage path, radar images and atmospheric conditions on the day, strongly supports that this was tornado damage. I think all the pieces of the puzzle are in place leaving little doubt in my mind. Very interested in other peoples opinions. Free free to disagree with my assessment.



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