Great news! Thanks Paul. So these images were taken approx. 1 year afterwards. Personally, I feel this supports that this was a tornado. Most of the damage I observed indicated strong westerly to southwesterly winds. This may be explained since I was observing damage on the northern edge of the damage path. A cyclonicly rotating tornado would have westerly winds on its northern side. The section I did see on the southern edge of the damage path on Kangaroo Rd was disturbed by work that was done to re-open the road.

Two things would be needed for 100% confidence. 1) I would need to confirm that I have correctly assigned the location where the photos were taken and 2) survey the damaged sections of forest. I would expect that on the southern edge of the damage path that trees/large branches would indicate easterly winds if it were a tornado.

I am very interested in other peoples opinions. How strong is the evidence in your opinion? Feel free to question any thing I have said.



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