Hi Paul,

I totally missed that area of damage before. Just above "approx" in the image you posted there is another tree which appears to have fallen to the NW. Certainly very interesting but I suppose it is possible that someone could have come along with a chainsaw and chopped down badly damaged trees. Also, as you say, looking closely there does appear to be further damage east into the heavily forested area. I can remember seeing damage further east of where the photos were taken on Kangaroo road but I cannot recall exactly where this was. In any case, this damage was not as extensive.


I would like to head down there but unfortunately I do not have access to a car at the moment. I might see if I can work something out. Also, good points about how to ask questions. I imagine it is quite possible to inadvertently feed someone the information you want to hear.

A friend will also send me photos of the Kiama supercell and hail soon (I hope, he should have them saved somewhere). If I remember correctly, he did actually have some photos of the storm before it hit. Not sure if it will reveal anything in regards to structure. I might post them here if he gives me the okay.



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