Hi Everyone,

I witnessed this damage myself as well shortly after the event back in 2005. At the time i posted a breif report with photographs of the damage on one of the forums, (I can't remember which one). I also emailed some stuff to the BoM's Sydney office but they never replied. I always believed this damage was tornadic due to the nature of the damage being intermittant and in a relatively straight and narrow line over a few hundered meters (which could be caused by a tornadic vorticy from the parent thunderstorm "hopping" along the ground). The radar also showed features indicative of a supercell plus the meso-scale system also spawned at least one other tonadic supercell and lastly the alititude of the damage is also quite high (around 500m asl I think) which also lends weight to a torndao as it brings the surface closer to the cloud base circulation. It's also likely that as the storm came over the ranges at this point it could have been influenced by a stronger north easterly which could have aided breif tornado development. Anyway it's nice to see this event again and I'll dig around for my photos.

Regards Jeff.


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