Rain Event 11th -12th October 2012

Is this the first serious rain event for October in Sydney for some years - wow! If this occurs, flash flooding will result! There will be areas in Sydney depicted to have in excess of 100mm of rain. I like this type of parttern!

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  1. I'm interested to see which model gets this system right, there is a big variation between ACCESSR and GFS over the position of the low and subsequent rainfall.

  2. Its interesting to see the variation in the models. The Weatherzone model really does show a rain event for Sydney. Yet the GFS suggests 10 to 25 mm for Sydney and an area south of Wollongong to Bega getting the heaviest falls. One BOM rain model suggests 50 to 100 mm for Sydney but another on Water and the Land suggests a 50% chance of 15 to 25 mm (Friday) especially for the southern suburbs and south coast. The variation is evident.

  3. There are some remarkably cold surface temperatures out west with the passage of the upper low. White Cliffs has dropped momentarily to 5.4 and Wagga and West Wyalong are both under 8.

  4. A very weak storm cell has passed just south of Blacktown. One sheet lightning flash and a rumble of thunder. Although when looking at the radar a stronger cell is moving SSE over Liverpool and away from Sydney. Just prior to sunset, I noted cumulo congestus clouds south and west and a low topped cumulonimbus cloud to the south. Ulladulla on the south coast of NSW has a rainfall total of 165 mm when I looked at 8.20 pm.

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