On the 9th of November I got this nice cleanstructured and organised storm in Nowra.  The storm developed near Yass,struggling until it tapped into the coastal moisture.

Firstly, check out my video

Unfortunately I dont have timelapse up yet( that will come shortly)

To me ,it looks like gustfront, but attached nicely to base meaning it was more of an inflow dominated storm. At times it looked like wall cloud in that reigon close to the edge of the updraft and there may've been a few other features such as  tail cloud. The base displayed rotation which timelapse will show more clearly.  The rain curtain was certainly very defined and I witnessed several microbursts. Damage in Nowra was mainly restricted to the southern part of town where I noticed numerous branches down and some small trees,This indicates windspeeds perhaps sneaking into the severe category(90km/h)


Any feedback on this storm would be greatly appreciated. Do you agree with my thoughts on this storm? It was certainly a pleasure to witness,and I cant wait to get some timelapse.



One thought on “Nowra- Severe Storm- 9th November and late evening lightning show.”
  1. Hi Michael,

    Well done on the nicely structured severe storm. It has a horse-show shape structure and definitely looks like a storm that was high based and tapped into the moiture. As you said, the timelapse may reveal what is going on dynamically.

    The precipitation core indicates an HP structure. I like consolidated shelf cloud structures.


    Jimmy Deguara

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