Looks like an impressive classic V shapped supercell that Meredith in Vic just got battered with 19:15 on 9/11.

64km Radar Loop for Melbourne, 05:00 09/11/2011 to 11:00 09/11/2011 UTC

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5 thought on “Meredith VIC Supercell and other storms 9th November 2011”
  1. Hi Scott,

    I believe there was one and possibly a second supercell. The storm raced across the bay in half an hour! What incredible speed! Nice structure of the first supercell though. Any pictures from anyone down there?


    Jimmy Deguara

  2. Storms evaded us today when it all seemed to begin to take off during the mid-afternoon. It was downhill from there – I guess the issue with a upper level ridging. Thanks to Nick Moir for driving me around.

  3. Yesterday afternoon I managed to get out and intercept one of the cells that affected Melbourne around 18:30 hrs, 09.11.11.
    Positioned myself just south of Melton and had the cell pass just to the south of me.
    The structure was incredible, huge rain and hail core, breif mid-level funnels and mesocyclone. Managed to take about 60-70 shots of the structure. I will get some of the pics up over the next day or so.

    Cheers All.

  4. Hi Chris,

    I look forward to the images. Which storm did you intercept – the first or second storm?

    Was the storm relatively low topped?


    Jimmy Deguara

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