Lismore Hailstorm Video from 9 October 2007

High precipitation supercell thunderstorm with a barrage of wind-driven hailstones to 7cm diameter hits Lismore, NSW on Tuesday 9th October 2007. This video was recorded near Lismore Airport and then just on the outskirts of South Lismore. It was quite early in the day with all the destruction occurring before 2pm. A second hailstorm with lots of 2-3cm hailstones hit an hour later (not in this video).

cheers, Michael


By Michael Bath

4 thought on “Lismore Hailstorm Video from 9 October 2007”
  1. Michael Bath it seems those were the days! You had some impressive storms that year up there including this particular event. Two severe hailstorms in quick succession is just magnificent that not often happens in almost an identical path. The hail footage is spectacular – thanks for posting.

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