Lightning near Appin, NSW 3rd April 2014 5

appin_lightning_crop0304jd06A feast of lightning came through via Appin yet again this evening. This storm was lightning active even as the sun began to set. Some powerful bolts observed filmed and one captured here. This bolt was too close and too bright for F5.6 (I thought I had it higher in value!) A transformer blew up also seen in the foreground possibly the one to the left of the lightning bolt contact with the ground!




2 thought on “Lightning near Appin, NSW 3rd April 2014”
  1. That southern storm was indeed very lightning active. I was unable to chase but I could see it would have been a good storm. I noticed that after sunset, the storm produced a lovely anvil cloud which was crisp and solid for a while. No photos to show it.

    The third photo shown appears to be the other storm looking north west. I took a few photos of that myself from Glenwood. That storm was not as lightning active. I tried getting some lightning from it but I was disappointed. I attach a photo of it so you can see another image of it and how it developed at or after sunset. Its lifespan was much shorter than the southern storm.

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