Hi Jimmy,

The season is reasonably active though it's been a struggle to get the moisture back into NSW on a few occasions. Events when they do occur continue to be fairly significant. Last Tuesday brought major hailstorms to the Coffs Harbour region with scattered storms also with hail throughout the Northern Rivers and Brisbane area. Wednesday was a bit of a surprise in the severity of the main thunderstorm that occurred. Very cold upper temps and a bit of surface heating and moisture can do wonders ! A 100km long track of hail from SW of Casino to Byron Bay was the result. Certainly the Byron shire copped the worse of that one.

Saturday I was at the Brisbane ASWA meeting with Rodney, Jason and my son David. It was a great turn out with almost 30 people there. Some great presentations were followed by some more significant hailstorm cells heading northward.

Thanks for organising that old Kempsey gorilla hailstorm footage from 21st December 1991. The sound of the giant hail approaching is still clear in my mind - and Alison's - she even recalled that storm last Wednesday when a couple of large hail stones shot out the front of last week's storm.

By Michael Bath

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