Yes there have been a few opportunities to chase storms of late. My best for this season thus far is the storm last Tuesday. I did at least 12 to 13 hours of driving on this day but managed thanks to your assistance to get the storm drifting across from Coonabarabran. This storm may have been a supercell and definitely produced golf ball sized hail and microbursts as well as veavy rainfall. This driving conditions at times on this day were difficult and dangerous. But I had to return to Sydney I guess in preparation for work. Check it out:


 Yesterday, I finally was able to post a video I have been wanting for some time of the Kempsey hailstorm you intercepted way back in 1991. How spectacular is it huh!

Incredible Footage Massive Hailstones Australia Hailstone Monste - Funny bloopers R us

 Incredible Footage Massive Hailstones Australia Hailstone Monster


Jimmy Deguara

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