Heatwave conditions return to SE Australia 10 to 14 January 2016





This summer across Australia is shaping up as one of high contrasts with heat waves, bursts of cold weather, bush fires, floods, storms and drought becoming commonplace.

Following floods along parts of coastal New South Wales over recent days, a bush fire emergency in south west Western Australia that has destroyed over 120 homes, a tropical cyclone looming near New Caledonia, another weather system is expected to unleash another burst of hot weather over a significant proportion of Australia.

A strong high pressure cell is building in the Tasman Sea and the result is a 4 to 5 day burst of hot weather across much of inland Australia with the only areas to avoid the worst of it are the coastal locations and higher elevated regions.

Some of the heat is even expected to reach into Western Sydney. A cool change is expected to end the heat for Western Sydney late Thursday afternoon.

This is another heatwave and fire fighters would be on alert especially across South Australia and Victoria.

The attached Temperature Forecast from the BSCH for 4 pm is showing the extent of the heat for Monday to Thursday.

Forecast maximum temperatures are being made at selected locations being.


Albury - (Sun 36C), (Mon 39C), (Tue 37C), (Wed 39C).
Cobar - (Sun 40C), (Mon 41C), (Tue 42C), (Wed 43C) and (Thu 38C).
Forbes - (Sun 38C), (Mon 40C), (Tue 40C), (Wed 42C) and (Thu 39C).
Griffith - (Sun 39C), (Mon 42C), (Tue 40C), (Wed 43C) and (Thu 35C).
Hay - (Sun 39C), (Mon 42C), (Tue 40C), (Wed 44C) and (Thu 31C).
Penrith - (Sun 32C), (Mon 37C), (Tue 38C), (Wed 33C) and (Thu 40C).
Wagga - (Sun 37C), (Mon 39C), (Tue 38C), (Wed 40C) and (Thu 35C).

A feature of some inland and or outback areas are the expected 3 to 4 days in a row where 40C maximum temperatures are being forecast.


Adelaide - (Sun 38C), (Mon 34C), (Tue 34C), (Wed 37C).
Renmark - (Sun 40C), (Mon 39C), (Tue 40C), (Wed 41C).
Tarcoola - (Sun 42C), (Mon 41C), (Tue 41C), (Wed 44C).
Woomera - (Sun 41C), (Mon 40C), (Tue 40C), (Wed 43C).

Some very hot weather is expected across inland regions but it appears Adelaide may miss the worst of it.


Bendigo - (Sun 36C), (Mon 38C), (Tue 35C), (Wed 41C).
Echuca - (Sun 38C), (Mon 40C), (Tue 37C), (Wed 43C).
Mildura - (Sun 40C), (Mon 39C), (Tue 44C), (Wed 27C).

The northern areas of the state will be more affected than the southern areas.

The heatwave has already infiltrated some inland areas with maximum temperatures for Sunday reaching the following:-

Fowlers Gap reaching 39.9C.
Ivanhoe reaching 39.7C.
Mildura reaching 39.2C.
Swan Hill reaching 38.8C.
Walpeup reaching 39.1C.
Wilcania Airport reaching 41.1C.
Woomera Aerodrome reaching 40.5C to 5 pm.

This appears to be the start of a difficult and hot week for much of inland Australia and further bush fire outbreaks cannot be ruled out.