Heat Wave 4th and 5th November 2012

Seems like summer heat coming through from the inland late this weekend and early next week! Temperatures into the 40C mark may be possible in South Australia and inland NSW and Victoria.The thicknesses in the purple on this 850hPa level map corresponds to this wodespread 40+C temperatures at the surface.

8 thought on “Heat Wave 4th and 5th November 2012”
  1. I hear you guys. we keep saying each year this is the worst start to the storm season. Actually, there may be a rain event following the heat. So perhaps stay tuned, there may be a change in sight.

  2. Weatherzone synoptic charts are suggesting a weather event for the Tuesday to Thursday period inland NSW / Victoria which has caught my interest for next week. I have just read in 'The Age" Melbourne that showers and possible storms could be on the cards for Melbourne Cup Day (Afternoon). I had a look at some very early storm cast plots on the GFS for next Tuesday to Thursday early today and it shows early promise. It would be good to see something eventuate as it has been very quiet.

  3. Its starting to look more like a storm event then a heatwave event and its also looking like the first real multi-day chase scenario inland!

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