Source: Kane Hardie

I was at work on range road just north of Corindi. I was following a couple of severe warmed storms via radar as I worked and made a note to my boss about the possibility of hail, as the storm approached I decided to a bit to late to leave.

As I walked back to my car I was seeing small hail falling but was hearing a definite hail 'roar'. I ran back the rest of the way to the car just as some golf ball stones landed near by. I started recording on my iPhone when suddenly my back window shattered behind me by a huge stone! These stones were in the range of 9cm plus but luckily were fairly scattered between smaller ones.giant-hailstone-red-rock-nsw two-giant-hailstones-red-rock-nsw

Update: It seems there was millions of dollars damage to crops in the region as well as damage to vehicles and assumably houses.

A must see is this video below which shows ground zero of a window being smashed by giant hailstones!


See : 128km Radar Loop for Grafton, 22:00 16/09/2015 to 02:00 17/09/2015 UTC

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