2014-10-13 23:37:16

13 thought on “Full report”
  1. I seen the 4 day forecast I think was Thursday or Friday predicting the low trough to be over here today and had my fingers crossed…. Pretty happy with that :-)

  2. I can boast that the forecast I made for today was spot on in terms of timing and locations. I guess the only downside was that the odd supercell was possible though no evidence of that from what I can see – at least not clear isolated supercells. Some behaviour did exist of changing directions but we need to be careful that this may have been an interaction with the boundary NW to NE winds!

  3. I just can’t get enough of it lol :-) I still have loads to learn but loving every minute of it… Can’t wait to chase back in the states next year again. Will be making it an annual thing budget permitting.

  4. Nothing beat the US chasing! Love it there! It comes together too often – here you have to weigh too many obstacles before the chase let alone on the chase!

  5. Very nice photos. I started taking photos only to discover to my horror that I have no memory cards left with room on them. Just returned from Indonesia. I managed just 2 photos. My first storm in 6 months although I did see a storm cell over Jakarta when I was there but no photos due to smoke haze being too thick. There was no hail where I was, just a period of heavy rain and winds. It did produce some 19 mm of rain at Blacktown / Seven Hills area.

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