Extreme Lightning El Reno Tornadic Supercell 31st May 2013 2

El_reno_tornadic_supercell_lightningSome crazy lightning was observed on this tornadic developing supercell. It was so intense we remained in the vehicle during the barrage - and as you note in the video, I took the aerial into the car! I understand that the probability was low but chaser vehicles have been struck in the past! Smooth channel lightning bolts.

8 thought on “Extreme Lightning El Reno Tornadic Supercell 31st May 2013”
  1. Michael Bath, the bolts so frequent and with aerial near me with laptop connected, this is the first time I decided to bring it inside the vehicle!

  2. This was some of the craziest lightning I'd ever seen – we had some very close calls!

  3. Jimmy, the video of the storm is fantastic. When reviewing this several times, it seems that this storm was producing constant smooth channel lightning strikes. I have never seen video of such behaviour. It certainly makes this a very dangerous storm. I am fascinated by the behaviour of this. storm. and the behaviour of the lightning flashes. I have read articles about smooth channel lightning but watching this video does show the raw power of such lightning.

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