2023-06-01 11:52:01

10 years on - time flies. Dave Croan and I came to the US for a 3 day chase - yes risky. I recall in the morning waking up and telling Dave that the upper wave was cutting through north central Oklahoma for a potent setup. Little did we know history would be set in more unfortunate ways than one (deaths if chasers, but scientifically slingshotting a tornado to speed up snd widen plus the quickest wall-cloud to tornado transition).

Furthermore, we met Michael Thomas from Australia for the first time that morning who came with us. The trust that goes on a day like this is important. No time for errors or panic. Like Dave Lewison suggestion, we saw the original tornado and whilst in the multi-vortex stage stared at the rounded rotation neatly overhead. From then on with convoy following us - we were car number 3, it became a blur of keeping ahead of the impending tornado. We made the right moves by heading east (so long as road didn’t end.

Just insanity! Never to be forgotten


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