England is not renowned for experiencing hot weather although on occasions under certain conditions, heat moving north from the European continent can penetrate into England providing brief hot spells resulting in temperatures that are well above the average.

On July 1 2015, a brief outbreak of hot weather occurred at least over South East England.

The above plots have been generated on the UK Meteorological Office for July 1 2015 for 3 pm. On this day, the highest official temperature in England was reached at Heathrow Airport where 36.7 Celsius was recorded. In addition, a number of centres across south east England reached 30C to 35C as their maximum temperature for the day. The heat was limited to the south east of the country away from the coast. It was much cooler further north and further west as shown on the first temperature plot.

In London, the 12 noon temperature was 34C and at 8 pm, it was 31C and at 9 pm it was 29C.

At 5 pm, a maximum of 35C was reached at Northholt while the sunniest location was at Odiham where 11.6 hours of sunshine was recorded.

Further south in France it was much hotter.

The heat did not last long because cooler weather has now passed through with some rainfall.

It is interesting to note that the event received high media coverage probably because it affected the most populated part of Great Britain and it has been suggested that this may have been the hottest day in almost a decade for some areas.

One thought on “Brief hot spell in South East England – July 1 2015”
  1. This event is interesting and a question should be raised as to whether an urban heat island effect was taking place. For discussion and consideration, the highest temperature of 36.7C was recorded at Heathrow Airport which is an international airport. With large expanses of masonry, buildings and runways in the area, was the temperature inflated a little as a result.

    The highest temperatures were recorded around London, a city of 11 million where 34C to 36.7C was being recorded. It is a heavily built up area. In surrounding areas, the maximum temperatures were in the range of 30C to 33C. Its worth a thought and any discussion. What are your thoughts?

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