Braidwood Hailstorm 26th December 2013 1

1226jd115 1226jd205 1226jd196This storm developed very rapidly once the moisture met and penetrated the originally high bases! It seemed to be a triple point or convergence between the SE winds and NE winds into the same storm.

The storm rapidly sent a back-sheared and side anvil and the base became quite expansive.1226jd186 The green in this storm was quite amazing and amongst the greenest one can accomplish - the hailstones were up to the size of golf balls. Furthermore, the storm's hail swathe path was very wide _ would probably suggest 5 to 10km wide! 1226jd130 Further north as the storm attained a nice signature on radar, the storm1226jd160 developed a wall cloud with up motion streaming rapidly into the base.1226jd168

See : 128km Radar Loop for Canberra, 23:00 25/12/2013 to 23:00 26/12/2013 UTC

Here is the radar from Canberra of this event - you will see after the initial convection once cell develops south of Braidwood and moves NNE - long tracked!

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  1. I suggested in my description that there was a SE flow and convergence with the NE wind infeed. I have a suspicion that the SE winds may have originated from an outflow boundary. Nevertheless, it was what tipped the balance for this storm to developed very rapidly!

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