On September 20 and 21, conditions were perfect across Eastern Australia for supercells, with 2000+ J/kg CAPE values, -8 to -9 LIs, and sufficient wind shear. Australian storm chaser Cameron Hines documented supercells on both days, including one of the largest mesocyclones he's ever seen in 8 years of Australia storm chasing. A sea breeze front propagated westward on this day and met the supercell with enhanced wind shear -- the easterly surface flow resulted in nearly 180 degrees of turning with height! Here is video from September 20 shot by Cameron Hines:

On the following day, a monster HP storm formed near the town of Rathdowney in far Southeast Queensland. Cameron also intercepted this storm, which produced straightline winds of 100 km/hr and golf ball size hail! Given that early spring is the season down there, the storm season is just now taking off!

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