Well storms have slowly returned here. I was surprised yesterday when I looked to my southeast just for a rest from the work on the computer and I saw a pileus on top a tower and mature storm in progress! Earlier, it seemed there were cumulus towers but that's about it - they seemed to be struggling.

 This storm persisted within the Sydney area for some time before slowly collapsing. The storm was an LP storm (not a supercell of course) and did dump some small hailstones over its path east of Parramatta.

During the night time, more storms approached and developed rapidly from the west moving over the southern suburbs of Sydney. Apparently a severe warning was issued briefly. Here is yesterday's storm picture:


On another note, I noticed and am disappointed in whoever is responsibile for maintaining updated records of updates for time zones from around the world. The clock does not change until next week and the computer changed over this morning.


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