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The Storm Chaser and Australian Storm Chasing site - severe weather in Australia New updated Website link by Jimmy Deguara

Australian Severe Weather Forum for storm chasers and weather enthusiasts

What is the purpose of storm chasing?

  • I am able to get to, observe and study more severe thunderstorms this way.
  • To photograph and video important features of severe storms in particular. These features include wall clouds, tornadoes, hailstones, very heavy rain and violent winds.
  • To get to see the countryside around New South Wales and Australia - areas that I may otherwise never visit!
  • The favourite storms chased by Australian storm chasers are supercells but these are not as dynamic as supercells observed in the United States tornado Alley. This is why I like to chase each year in the US for a getter chance of observing tornados.
  • Research: It would be ideal to be able to warn people of approaching severe storms. Through studies of various storms experienced in a variety of regions, I am in the position to educate others about the dangers of severe storms.
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