Severe storms NSW 8 Nov 2011

Shelf cloud formation infront of a line of storms which came through Sydney and Illawarra this afternoon.
pic Nick Moir 8 nov 2011

By Nick Moir

Photographer for Fairfax Media and specialising in severe weather and bushfires

2 thought on “Queens Park shelf cloud”
  1. sd intersting cell which developed in front of the main line , it displayed some rotation for a while. taken in queens park

  2. Hi Nick,

    Nice shelf cloud structure! Well done!

    We Jeff Brislane and I, were in that storm after getting hammered by the cell merger near Wollongong or more accurately Stanwell Tops region (a cell merger is where two cells merge and can either pass through un affected or they more often intensify rapidly). This cell merger rapidly intensified. We drove through about 7 minutes of hailstones with diameters of 1.5 to 2cm! The cloud to ground lightning was incredible there too! We also got some hail from the cell near Southerland.

    Pictures later.


    Jimmy Deguara

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