29th September 1996 Tornado Outbreak Anniversary

The 29th September once again reminded me of the outbreak way back in 1996 when 3 tornadoes were reported and confirmed.

Two tornadoes are show here. A full report of the Bearbung Tornado was written researching that event at that time. The other damaging tornado at Bundella was also documented at that time.


The third tornado occurred at Elong Elong. This was a classic system!


Jimmy Deguara

14 thoughts on “29th September 1996 Tornado Outbreak Anniversary

  1. Jimmy Deguara

    Has anyone else done research on this event that may add to the information contained here on this tornado outbreak?

  2. Stephen Muscat

    Yeah its called Nibiru , Planet X , thats why , just wait for when the Mega Quakes come , and maybe a Pole Shift

  3. Jimmy Deguara

    Looking at the Bearbung tornado above, it does show nice separation of the tornado from the precipitation and RFD (rear flank downdraft). The Bundella tornado picture shows what seems to be an occlusion taking place.

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