Western Sydney Supercell 9 December 2007 (Fifth year anniversary)
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  1. Now that we are coming into December 2012, it is considered to be a great opportunity to remember a weather event that occurred 5 years ago on Sunday afternoon December 9 2007. Its now the fifth year anniversary of that thunderstorm that saw large hailstones fall from Blacktown to Baulkham Hills. It is a good opportunity to provide images and stories of what occurred.

    For me, I knew a weather event would take place that day so early afternoon, I went up to a lookout at Bella Vista and watched the storm event unfold. That lookout gave great views across Blacktown to the Blue Mountains. I watched the storm come off the lower Blue Mountains and track towards me. As it was, the storm base and the hail core passed right over me.

    I remember being amazed at holding large hailstones in my hand. There was not allot of lightning flashes or thunderclaps but big thunderclaps were heard earlier. That storm caused some $460 million worth of damage and looking at the Bureau of Meteorology website, hailstones of 7 to 8 cm occurred at the peak of the storm although there is a report of a hailstone to 11 cm at Cherrybrook which has never been proven. Hence that is doubtful.

    One funny thing about this event, I parked my Council car under a tree. That tree had much of its foilage stripped and I had a small number of minor hail dimples across the roof. I reported it but two days later, the car was sold and I received my new car.

    Please feel free to add to this post and remember the anniversary of the event.

  2. Photo shows hail fall across the football ground. I am taking the photos under a shelter. The hail fall was rather loud on the steel roof of the building.

  3. Harley, thank you for finally posting your pictures from the event. I like in particular that first picture. Did you notice what was happening in the lowering? How long did it last do you think?

  4. I deliberately post a larger version of my first photo to show the base and lowering as it came towards me so one can see the structure of the base for any comment. Also in my second photo of the base (Photo 2 above), I would like to find out if possible whether that is or was a small funnel feature. It was short lived but for five years, I have been curious to find out what it might be. I only have one photo of it because I was taking a big risk standing out in the open with this storm upon me and I was getting nervous. I quickly went under cover after I took that photo.

  5. I also heard reports of 12cm hail at Kings Langley but this was not verified. The only evidence of anything produced in photographs seem to point to hailstone diameters if 8cm and perhaps one video David Croan showed me of an asbestos roof being destroyed perhaps 9cm in diameter. Without real conclusive evidence, we have to lean towards 8cm diameter.

  6. Hello Jimmy, I took a sequence of 91 photos of the event from start to finish and looking at my photos, none of that cloud base touched the ground. That was the lowest it reached and was short lived. That photo is the best and lowest cloud feature I saw during the whole event. I do not know how long it was but it was short lived.

  7. Jimmy, probably to assist, I provide another picture of the cloud base moments after. It shows that low portion largely non existent. This photo follows on from that earlier one of the cloud base as it is coming towards me.

  8. I will post another showing the base being a panoramic view as it was over Blacktown for any further discussion. I am looking south west towards Blacktown. At this stage I did not see further lowerings. This is about to pass over me.

  9. what strikes me still from my pics is the clear slot evident in all of my early images of this super cell. It was a classic in every sense.

  10. Ah yes what an incredible storm this was. Beauty of it was I sat at home and let it come to me.. we got golf ball size hail. How I’d love another storm like this.

  11. This was by far my favourite Sydney supercell, totally awesome and the best inflow features I have photographed in the Sydney basin. A potent supercell!

  12. Jeff, your photo of the cloud tower, photo 9 is spectacular. This is the first time I have seen a picture of that cloud tower and its anvil shield. A friend indicated to me a cloud tower like that but I never got to see it.

  13. Ben, your picture of the cloud tower and anvil shield is spectacular. A friend of mine saw that but I never got to see it due to my position at Bella Vista.

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