Hello all it looks like there could possibly be a Tropical low developing mid next week in the Indian ocean and may make contact with the WA Coast on Friday December the 17th 2010

BOM outlook no 1 :

Potential Cyclones:
There are no significant lows in the region at the moment. However, a monsoon
trough is expected to strengthen over the region during the weekend and a
tropical low is likely to develop south of Java by early next week.

Likelihood of a tropical cyclone being in the the Western Region:
Sunday      :Very Low
Monday      :Low
Tuesday     :Low

Weatherzone Charts :

BSCH wind Chart Start Monday End Saturday each day is 9am

So it will be interesting to see what happens here so sorry if i have posted a little early but i am just looking forward to monitoring this possible event.

Antonio (Stormboy)

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