As two tropical cyclone warnings are issued up north - Tropical Cyclone Magda and now ex-tropical cyclone Neville - in contrast heat waves and scorching the south of the continent - Sydney's west experiencing 3 consecutive days of 40C or higher temperatures. Lucky the recent rains have made the forests and fields green again that bushfires are not a major threat.

And then of course snow fell during a brief cold snap that passed over southern Australia namely Victoria and southern NSW producing snow over the highlands of the Snowy Mountains. What a month. Now back to the 40C heat!

Incidently, following the two severe storm events prior to Christmas including the Singleton hailstorm, early January was an active period for severe thunderstorms with a few explosive thunderstorm events intercepted.


Explosive updraft and overshooting top lower Blue Mountains January 5th 2010Base with wall cloud January 5th 2010
Deep convection - this severe pulse storm kept rising January 10th 2010
Explosive updrafts lower Hunter Valley from outflow of Putty pulse storm January 10th 2010
Base of exploding storm headed for Jerrys Plains January 10th 2010
Inflow characteristics and intense lightning were characteristics of this storm
Wall cloud under severe supercell near Walcha - January 14th 2010

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