Snow and Cold Outbreak

0712jd049 0712jd052 0712jd056Snow has fallen across NSW and Victoria with widespread snowfalls down to as low as 600 metres elevation. A particularly cold pool of air rapidly ejected over Central NSW and Victoria on the 6th July preceeded by thunderstorms. In fact, thunder snow was reported as snow fell almost within a few minutes of small hail falling at Hampton and across most of the Oberon region.

After an overnight stay at Hampton, Jimmy Deguara, Nick Moir and Colin Bryant headed over gradually towards Black Springs. The best cover of snow eventuated more at Black Springs which became the focus of most of the incredible photography! In fact, even two echidnas became famous after crossing the road in the township.0712jd084




0712jd116It was unique to watch the echidnas bury themselves in the snow in a similar fashion they normally burrow in soil.0712jd122

snow near church
Snow near church

Some spectacular scenery were observed throughout the afternoon. Although predictions of up to 30 to 40cm of snow were assumed by the models, it generally reached a cover of perhaps 10cm at most. Harley Pearman also has a snow chase in the same area and has fantastic photographs.0712jd1350712jd134 0712jd1330712jd161 0712jd2200712jd235

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