Severe Storm Outbreak across Europe 8th to 9th June 2014 7

france_storms_supercell_9th_June_2014One of the worst outbreaks in years of severe storms occurred across Europe on the 8th to 9th June 2014. A high risk was issued with CAPE values of up to 3000J/kg and strong wind shear and helicity values with even parameters supporting tornadoes. Giant hailstones up to 10cm in diameter were reported from northern France near Paris during an overnight storm as the system wound up.giant_hailstone_france

Source Unknowngiant_hailstones_france_8th_june_2014 giant_hailstones_on_hand_france_8th_june_2014 satellite_images__europe_8th June_2014 supercell_derby_uk france_NOAA_high_resolution_satellite_image_9th_June_2014

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