Severe Cell at Singleton 23(11)13 3

Hi everyone ,left Penrith about 8.00 am on Saturday to get to my target area which was between Bulga and singleton , on the putty road on the way up went through about three different small cells which weren't to interesting so I moved on to Bulga And saw some good towers over towards Denman ,finally got some signal for radar and saw this cell was looking good,so got myself in position at singleton and set my live stream up,and started getting some photos,within no time this storm matured quite fast and was looking pretty decent with a lovely green core wanted to punch it but roads were limited,waited to it was right over top and got north east but could not out run it,the rain was very heavy with heaps of flash flooding ,turned around and headed back to singleton,and met up with Harley and exchanged stories about our chases ,while waiting for more to go up ,it tried very hard but didn't happen ,chase overimage



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