Additional photos of Albury Storm - 13 November 2010

Michael, thank you for posting the radar image of the storm events Saturday afternoon. I note you have posted the images which includes the storms I encountered at Albury / Wodonga. I even note, the radar image frame shown in your post, gives a clear image of the storm I was photographing at the time.

There were two storm cells moving south that I could see but I had no idea at the time it was part of a larger complex of storms. The radar image shows a narrow east to west cluster of storms moving south but it was obscured by the storm and clouds approaching me from the NNW / NW. When I look at the end frames, the cells all merge into one another. When this occurred, it created large rain downpours and high winds. Driving was difficult especially along North Street and Drome Street due to the amount of rain occurring.

The radar image pictured shows the storm coloured red. That was over South and East Albury, Eastern Hill and the western side of the airport. That is generally the time I sampled the core. I did not experience any hail occurring however it was producing very heavy to torrential rain and strong to gale force winds. Thunder was constantly rumbling within it. There was sheet lightning but I saw no cloud to ground lightning flashes.  

I also attach three more photos of this storm taken at the same location to give a little more perspective of what was going on.

Harley Pearman

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