Hi Col - my father just mainly uses the compacts these days and the Canon's are quite nice!

I took a few photos from home yesterday. This first one was over the Gold Coast

The first "storm" in the region (no thunder or lightning observed) tracked from just west of me then NNE to the Nightcap Ranges. This photo at 2.45pm EDT

A Border Ranges cell at 5pm EDT that didn't last long:

Bit of lightning as the line reformed over Kyogle (9.30pm EDT) then went on into Brisbane early this morning.

All the photos taken yesterday can be found here

Regarding the warnings

The Bureau of Meteorology probably should have issued a STW for flash flooding, but with little rain prior to this event (it was all south of Brisbane earlier this week) and the time of the event, who would have received it/known?  Apart from weather nuts like us.

As to EWN, we can only issue what the BoM issue. Since the BCC got involved almost every thunderstorm event has been a mess of storms, no discreet supercells so warnings will be general covering large areas. It would have been the same result without BCC. Have a look at the radar archives from the days in question. On the 29th Sep alerts were done in various stages - not just one.

regards, Michael

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