Hi guys,

We are still getting minor inundation around the lower parts of town, fortunately these are more swampy areas and there are no residents there. The water has subsided and the Castlereagh Highway from Lightning Ridge to Walgett is now open. I had a chance to go past the areas of the highway that were closed and the mud left everywhere is astounding. The water is still flowing in deeper parts but no part of the highway is covered now. In some areas the water was 30cm deep over the highway going by the lines left on flood markers.

Mosquito numbers have dropped finally. Still a phenomenal amount of bugs everywhere.

The Grawin opal fields are still isolated with the rotten plain area (where the road crosses coming from the Cumborah side) being turned into a lake (about 60-80cm deep in areas) from excess flow coming from the Coocoran Lake and backing up against the ridges out there. Not sure how long this water is here to stay but it was around for many months/years after the 1974 event.

Will try and get a few more aftermath photos of the outlying areas soon. The floods are still very much present around town.

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