A satellite photo of southern Australia shows the entire state of Victoria blanketed by cloud. In addition, the entire western half of New South Wales is blanketed by the same cloud mass (Satellite photo attached from Weatherzone dated 30/10/2010). From 9 am to approximately 1.30 pm 30/10/2010, Swan Hill had recorded the highest rainfall of 21 mm but its still raining at that locality.

The area to watch is North East Victoria. Again rainfall totals are starting to accumulate in areas along the northern ranges with falls in the 10 to 20 mm range such as 17 mm at Mt Hotham and 15 mm near Jingellic. Albury Airport had recorded 3.4 mm before 9 am and another 8.8 mm from 9 am to 1.40 pm. There is a while to go before the cloud mass clears the through the state. It appears that this is going to be a major rain event in an area that is still recovering from the previous event only 2 weeks ago.

Harley Pearman

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