Still waiting on pics Jimmy  Couldn't get out on the 16th had uni unfortunately and after seeing pics of the Singleton Supercells and hearing about the Gloucester one was quite irritated. Saw radar the morning of the 17th and conditions were actually very favourable and at Raymond Terrace I decided to take off after that left moving supercell that went from Forster-Smokey Cape. Intercepted it at Port Macquarie and got ahead of it, before attempting to find views near Crescent Head but alas trees + scud greatly ruined the view, I could only get one photo of one side of the storm at South Kempsey

This image was taken probably as it was weakening. Around Port Macquarie its structure was better. Picture this image, but more defined, with the striated shelf curling across the southern horizon with a wall cloud on the SW horizon. Unsure re any rotation. During the kind of corepunch encountered some extreme rainfall + strong winds.

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