Looks like the end of the week may be wet for both QLD and just the north of NSW

WZ sais:

Even though almost all of Queensland has met its yearly rainfall average already, yet another widespread and heavy rainfall event is forecast for the end of this week, likely to bring flooding to parts
of the east.

Models are picking some sort of disturbance to develop in the northern and central Coral Sea during Thursday. There is potential for a low to form, but at this stage it is unlikely to become a tropical cyclone.

The system should head south and deliver in excess of 50 millimetres of rain to the Central Coast, Capricornia, Wide Bay and Southeast Coast areas by the weekend.

There is almost certainly going to be areas awash with more than 100 millimetres, and coastal locations aren't the only chance. Tomorrow will see heavy falls generated over the Northern Goldfields, spreading east.

Winds will also be a factor, even without the low becoming a cyclone. Gusts could reach 90 km/h late on Thursday or during Friday morning, with anywhere south of Gladtsone most at risk. Winds this strong can rip branches of trees and cause structural damage to houses.

Showers and winds are expected to ease up by Saturday afternoon, although indoor activities may still be the best plan.

- Weatherzone

Also as stated above a LOW may develop it might possibly reach tropic too?

Some rain/ wind data below.


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