NSW Storms 27th November

Looking good for storms around the Southern Tablelands today.


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  1. There was a nice looking cell on radar ealier near Cooma and there is another nice cell just going through young. I finished work too late to chase, maybe tomorrow.

  2. I went out to the Central Tablelands to some lookouts around Lithgow to Katoomba and to points where I could see all the way south and west. Unfortunately thick cirrus cloud and alto stratus cloud was evident in all directions especially west and south and to the horizon. I did not see anything of significance.

    Some cumulus clouds did build near Katoomba but they did not do much. I returned home.

    I am aware of some storm activity within a rain band across southern NSW. While at Katoomba, I saw the leading edge of that and some darkening cirrus cloud / cirrus stratus cloud to the west and south west but I did not see anything spectacular worth chasing. As I write this some embedded cells within a rain band is around Yass / Cowra moving east.

  3. Are you heading south to intercept the supercell coming towards Oakdale? It looks very interesting on Doppler.

  4. Okay, Oakdale storm is a shelf cloud and new circulation developed near katoomba. Looks like the mid mountains and maybe Kurrajong are in for it soon.

  5. There's some action right now going through the Penrith region. It may produce a nice shelf cloud and a light show. I'm going outside now 2 check it out n hopefully get some video footage.

  6. Colin and I were at Orchard Hills lookout / park that Jeff often visits. We saw the shelf cloud develop near Penrith bonza it suddenly shows on radar. The lightning activity increased and became a little active or should I say close -one bolt hit about 300 metres away. This sent us for a dash for our vehicle. Chase was basically over at this point as the rain set in. Oh well Sydney got a storm.

  7. In addition to my earlier post, I went up to my favourite lookout at Bella Vista and watched the storm system come through from the south west. I took some video film but will only work on it once I complete the tape. From a good vantage point at Bella Vista, I saw some shelf cloud features and some cloud to ground lightning.

    Where I was, the amount of lightning and rain intensity waxed and waned although there was one rather close lightning strike that briefly blinded my vision as it was bright. I noted a wind change from a south east direction to an east north east direction as the storm passed over. I have had a look at some weather stations and rainfall figures around Western Sydney is between 8 and 18 mm including 10 mm around Blacktown where I reside.

  8. i was on that hill once when lightning struck 100m behind me, later i went back and found a charred, burnt sapling with its top blown off only 20m from where i was set up!

  9. [b]27th November 2012 – Temora to Forbes Part 1 [/b][i] (and a road trip from Wollonogng / Nowra in between)[/i]

    Myself and Mr Keene had a very rewarding chase this day. The first storm we picked up was only about 50kms north of Wagga, it briefly looked OK and gave us one solitary ‘frill’ CG planting within a few hundred metres. However we also noted a shift from hot N winds, to cool S, so we bailed and headed north.


    Just north of Temora we noticed a line coming in from the west, so we waited. It was very quick moving and within minutes we could start to see shelf looking features and loads of dust. This dust was quite significant. When the line hit we were treated to 110-115 kph winds, dust turned to torrential rain, a few trees down, including one just 50m behind us.




  10. I have now looked at my video of this storm event and I have found that I only have one good picture. I mainly captured sheet lightning except for this one. I am looking west from Bella Vista.

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