Should see some severe storms this afternoon across the northern parts of NSW.

By Michael Bath

5 thought on “NSW Storms 25th October 2011”
  1. Hi,

    I tend to agree. The change is moving inland although an upper trough will generate surface based severe storms nearer the ranges and perhaps north of Newcastle and more elevated storms elsewhere. Good luck to those out chasing. There looks to be some decent rainfall totals to break this dry spell.
    Jimmy Deguara
  2. The North West Slopes and Plains seem to get quite a few storm cells perhaps the odd supercell amongst them with a couple of splits observed – a major split seems to have occurred near Wee Waa. No significant rotation observed on radar however and I would have thought the bases would have been slightly higher further west and northwest.

    As the boundary drifted through from the southeast, the storms could be seen to quickly become messy. This is especially evident in the storm approaching Gunnedah that quickly lines out and becomes a messy mass. Nice storm further south near Mendoran shortly after but that was it!

    See : 128km Radar Loop for Namoi, 20:00 24/10/2011 to 20:00 25/10/2011 UTC

  3. A few cells teased locally in the Northern Rivers during the afternoon with a cell tracking from Nymboida to Grafton (non-severe). After a few hours of nothing the activity from the NW Slopes spread through as a line. It didn’t really arrive here (McLeans Ridges) until 12.45am EDT (26th Oct) with some moderate rain (about 15mm) over an hour or so. A few close lightning bolts including one flang. Didn’t spot any visible lightning.

  4. A picture of some interesting cloud formation during the storms that passed through Tamowrth last night (25th Oct 2001). I hear on local news tonight that a small village, Loomberah, east of Tamworth, experienced mini tornado like ocnditions from the same cells. Some comments re the cloud formation from any experts???

  5. Nice formation Jeff. Definitely looks like a shelf cloud which is consistent with the strong wind reports.

    Please let me know a little more about what happened at Loomerah as there is a spotter there who is quite experienced in reporting some impressive events over the years.


    Jimmy Deguara

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