Things are slowly returning to normal after major flooding throughout the North Coast the past few days.

The worst locally for me was on Thursday night when wild winds and torrential rain hit - on top of 150mm of rain received the previous 24 hours. We lost power for almost 24 hours and the phone line is still dead. The amount of tree debris from the low pressure systems was amazing - certainly the most I've seen around here.

I took some photos on the 21 and 22 May 2009 - in and around Lismore - where the flood levee once again protected most of the CBD from inundation. Another hour of heavy rain on that Thursday night and it would have over-topped.

Lismore floods
Lismore floods

all photos available here:

Thursday 21 May flood pictures

Friday 22 May flood pictures

Looks like GFS forecast the rainfall extremely well !


By Michael Bath

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