NENSW Storms 8th Oct 2011

Hi All,

Just thought I'd share with you a few images that my Mum took on the 8th October at Mountaintop near Nimbin. I've copy/pasted an email I sent to Jimmy. I'd like to open a discussion on what the images represent as they do look rather suspicious to me.


Hi Jimmy,
Just thought I send you these interesting images taken from my parents house near Nimbin on 8th oct 2011 for analysis. Certainly looks like a very suss feature to me. First pic seems to indicate a wall cloud of sorts. There is a nipple like protusion to the right of the funnel like feature. Unfortunately my Mum was unable to get video as she had flat batteries.....however I've since drummed into her the importance of having fully charged batteries at all times lol. Unfortunately the Bris radar doesn't have archived images for that time so determining whether there was rotation via Doppler is out of the question.
Anyway look forward to your response as this is quite an interesting feature in my opinion.
Here's the pics:

By Jason Paterson

I live in North East NSW and storm chasing is my main hobby. I only started chasing about 4 yrs ago and now regularly team up with Michael Bath and Rodney Wallbridge to sample the worst weather Mother Nature can throw at us. I'm currently 36yrs old and married ( 9yrs) and have two beautiful children. Any weather phenomenon is of interest to me and I'm constantly on the lookout for the next interesting weather system coming my way.

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  1. Jason,It certainly looks suspcious. Some questions to ask and perhaps for you to investigate – what did your mum notice about the feature ie rotation? How long is the sequence of photographs?I am a little concerned about the second image given the horizontal scud. A rapidly rotating vortex and funnel cloud would certainly not allow for such scud to remain undisturbed. Pity about the lack of video but see what others think?Regards,Jimmy Deguara

  2. Hi Jimmy,

    Sorry it’s taken so long to respond to your questions. I asked both my parents if they could see whether or not the feature was rotating but they said that because of the distance (prob about 5km) it was to hard to tell. In regard to time frame the first pic was taken at 4:56pm and the last pic at 5:01pm. If you disregard the pic with the scud on the ground, the feature has the characteristics of a funnel/weak tornado. But without concrete evidence of video and doppler it is going to be hard to determine exactly what’s happening. However a damage survey may be possible as there are some roads that exist in the area up there so when time permits I may go and investigate.

    Cheers Jason

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